Hargraft - A Distinguished History

Hargraft Schofield LP began its existence in 1874 as General Agents, Geo. R. Hargraft Limited. The company accepted and underwrote insurance accounts submitted by sub-agents on behalf of the Commercial Union Assurance Company. Gradually the nature of the business changed as the agency evolved and developed direct client relationships.

In 1955, Commercial Union took over the handling of the sub-agency business, and Hargraft continued to grow and prosper in collaboration with its clients.

In 1960, a formal merger was completed between Geo. R. Hargraft Limited and Wood Fleming Limited. The new company, Hargraft Wood Fleming Limited (HWF) became a leading Canadian insurance brokerage, specializing in commercial and industrial business, including insurance for the trucking, construction, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors. In 2001, HWF merged with Schofield Insurance Brokers to form Hargraft Schofield Ltd (HSL). In 2006, HSL became Hargraft Schofield LP following an investment partnership with Newport Partners Income Fund, as asset Management Company that partners with successful entrepreneurs.

In July of 2011, Hargraft Schofield LP was purchased 100% by President & CEO Philomena Comerford. Hargraft continues to be operated by an extraordinary team of insurance professionals. Philomena Comerford began her insurance career in 1974. She is a past Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Insurance Institute of Canada and is an active advocate for the transportation industry. Philomena Comerford is also owner, President & CEO of Hargraft’s sister company Baird MacGregor Insurance Broker LP www.bairdmacgregor.com.