Hargraft Schofield LP - An Overview

Hargraft Schofield LP has led the Canadian insurance industry since 1874. In fact, we were one of the first brokerages established in Ontario. Today, we are a progressive company providing financial protection and risk management services for highly specialized commercial clients and successful individuals. We manage customized insurance solutions for many industry leaders in a number of sectors, including finance, construction, manufacturing, transportation, education, and hospitality.

Hargraft is niche focused on the industries we serve. Thus, we can anticipate and effectively respond to the needs of our clients.

Another Hargraft strength is our detailed knowledge of both national and international markets. When one of our client businesses requires specialized or unusual coverage, anywhere in the world, we know how to access it. To ensure that we continuously maintain strong relationships with our insurance providers and stay current on the marketplace, we have a fully staffed marketing department with responsibility for both account placement and insurer relationships.

Most importantly, Hargraft does not work in the traditional fashion favoured by most of our competitors, who offer standardized products. Instead, we take the time required to gain in-depth knowledge of the clients we serve - thus, we are able to evaluate what makes each of our client businesses unique. Our resultant innovative approaches to alternative risk programs and loss control translate into cost savings and enhanced coverage.

Our reputation of accountability to our clients and business partners has allowed us to attract some of the most talented specialists in the insurance industry. Our clients regularly comment on the exceptional knowledge, commitment to service excellence, and business acumen of these individuals. (To learn about career opportunities with us, click here). The combination of our approach to insurance and the skill of our individual brokers allows us to develop customized, cost-effective solutions that meet a firm's real insurance needs-needs rarely met by standardized policies.