Supportive Claims Management Services

Occasionally the unfortunate necessity of making a claim arises. Hargraft seeks to provide claimants with all possible support and commits to.

  • Submitting any required supporting documentation in an efficient and timely fashion.

  • Assisting our clients as required in preparing and presenting claims information to insurers.

  • In the event of a catastrophic loss, proactively negotiating on behalf of a favourable settlement.

  • Monitoring insurer response and the claims settlement process to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Reviewing insurer claims reports for accuracy.

  • Maintaining claims statistics to assist with accurate market presentations and program design.

  • Assisting our clients to develop standard claim reporting procedures.

  • Maintaining accurate claims records including details of all settlement amounts, expenses, and outstanding reserves.

  • Maintaining toll-free numbers for emergency claims submissions, in operation 24/7.