Service Beyond the Ordinary

A typical account with Hargraft includes numerous value added services. In addition, we are also willing and able to create specific service agreements based on the unique and varied needs of our clients. Following is a sampling of some of our typical services:

Dedicated account service team. The same people will typically handle your account throughout the life of its relationship with Hargraft. We strongly believe that building a long-term, consistent relationship with our clients enables us to better understand their business and service needs better. Our clients, in turn, know that a team of people familiar with their circumstances and history are ready to assist them at any time.

Cross-border services. At Hargraft, borders pose no barrier when finding solutions for our clients. We enjoy established relationships with quality insurance companies with international capabilities. The end product is seamless and consistent coverage, regardless of where your company conducts business.

Claims management services. We commit to providing you with claims service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your company will receive assistance and advice as needed with respect to submitting claims and maintaining claims status information. Some claims consulting and administration services are provided on a fee-for-service basis, as required.

Quarterly reviews. Hargraft uses a quarterly formal performance review process to ensure that we are meeting our clients' expectations, to identify any areas of concern, and to update ourselves on the evolving needs and circumstances of our client companies.

Annual Reports. Hargraft's dedicated service teams make an annual report to the management of each company in their portfolio. These reports provide an overview of the account over the past year and an analysis of what to expect for the ensuing renewal term.